Sue Hudelson is a photographer based in Los Angeles. She began creating photos with a 110 film camera during 4th grade summer school and hasn't stopped. After receiving a BA in Studio Art from UC Irvine she's worked in a variety of genres in the professional photography world. Along with ongoing personal projects, throughout the years she's shot for various magazines, businesses and privately commissioned portraits of people where they dwell. Her editorial clients have hired her to cover designers, chefs, travel, actors, cyclists, goat farmers, fashion, food and people of interest in all kinds of locations. In addition to Los Angeles, she's lived and worked in Seattle, Maui, and the Bay Area. Her personal work is inspired by observations of her surroundings and processing life events through visual journaling. She's also involved with educating teens in the art of slowing down to see (aka photography). Her endless love for image making combined with her curious nature and love for playing with composition fuels her to find harmony or juxtapositions in order to inspire moments of pause and consideration.


Available for commissions. Interested in a photo session? Please send questions and/or details of what you'd like and when. Thank you!

ABOUT THEM (Client reviews.)


"I'm a photographer, and I do not enjoy the process of being the subject. . . unless I am the subject for Sue. She has an immediate effervescent, calming, quality that is imperative to be an amazing Portraiture artist. She was a perfect stranger in our home and yet, she made it feel like another familial force moving around our space, allowing us to just BE. And she was there with her incredible sensitivity and understanding of the decisive moment. The result: a treasure trove of precious memories of my husband, my children, our home, our belongings, and the love between us captured forever. Pure magic.” Hannah Northenor, Photographer, Educator, Los Angeles


"Sue is a dream to work with - not only is she incredibly talented and versatile, she's also endlessly creative, and comes to shoots with tons of unique ideas. I've worked with her on personal shoots and on campaigns for clients including Elemis, Noritake China, and Kohl's, and have been consistently blown away by the quality of her images. On a personal level, she's also one of the kindest, most caring people I've ever met, and getting the chance to spend time with her is always a joy." Jordan Reid, Ramshackle Glam


"Sue is one of the most dedicated and creative photographers I’ve worked with in 17 years of freelance journalism. I’ve worked with plenty, but she sets the standard. I will never forget watching her shoot pro cyclists racing down the bumpy back roads of Kaupo—she worked as hard as they did! She sees things other people don’t: lighting, framing and context, and gets truly dynamic shots that tell stories." Shannon Wianeki, freelance writer and editor, Maui


"Having Sue take photos of me for my 50th birthday was an incredibly memorable and fun experience. It was my own personal fashion shoot. She made me feel comfortable doing something out of my comfort zone. She also understood what I wanted from the photo shoot and delivered 1,000% percent. She was professional, efficient, creative, supportive, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her. She made a dream come true for me." J.F., Northern California

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